Digital Director Information and Board Goverance

“Digital” is a vague, catchall word that may mean different things to different people and appears to be applied to everything.  A company needs to define what it means to them.  Does digital already play a key role in your company’s strategy?  Are you thinking about it as part of a vision to transform your business?  Will you require AI to enhance operations or the customer experience?  Do you utilize a big data database?  Are you planning on expanding into the social media stream, perhaps for the first time?  Digital transformation requires strategy, tactics and goals applied against it. It requires a strategic board digital director.

A sound approach to digital governance provides a framework for establishing accountability, roles, and decision-making authority for an organization’s digital presence and cybersecurity – which includes its websites, mobile sites, social channels, SEO, PPC, and other Internet and Web-enabled products and services.

Board Governance: Your Board Needs a Strategic Digital Director on the Board!
A Digital Thinker, Digital Disruptor, Digital Leader, and Digital Transformer.
Someone who will be your Cybersecurity Champian and Protector of Customer Privacy.

A “Digital Director” is a new kind of board member who provides support and oversight.  The Digital Director also helps the company mitigate cyber risk. Companies are adding new directors with digital backgrounds in part because most existing board directors lack representation in this area.

This site will focus on the business implications of digital transformation and emerging technologies that can be applied in innovative ways to assist an organization to successively generate growth and revenue while reducing costs.

Richard Spangenberg is a c-suite level executive, innovative strategic leader, and digital/big data/AI specialist familiar with digital transformation, startups, and social media integration to existing programs.

Richard Spangenberg is currently on the board of several companies and is CEO & Executive Director of Digital Directorship, an online resource for board governance and board directors interested in digital  technology related issues. He is available for corporate board and advisory positions, speaking engagements and strategic consulting.

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