The Cyber Vulnerabilities of the U.S. Navy

There are several cyber threats that the Navy continues to face when conducting information operations in cyberspace. Attacks against DoD networks are relentless, with 30 million known malicious intrusions occurring on DoD networks over a ten-month period in 2015.

Davos 2017 – Artificial Intelligence

As business opportunities for artificial intelligence multiply, how can industry leaders design the principles and technical standards into their products that benefit society as a whole?

Air Force goes after cyber deception technology

Air Force goes after cyber deception technology Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) enlists security vendor Galois to develop a cyber deception system Michael Cooney, Network World | JAN 19, 2017  A little cyber-trickery is a good thing when it comes to battling network adversaries. The Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) tapped into that notion today as it awarded…read more.

How artificial intelligence drives PPC automation

A basic primer on artificial intelligence and its methods. As artificial intelligence starts to play a bigger role in PPC account management, columnist Frederick Valleys believes we must be vigilant about understanding the capabilities of the systems we’re relying on.

How to Create an Extraordinary Social Media Strategy for 2017

There are so many goals we could potentially focus on – like brand awareness, engagement, traffic, and signups, to name a few. There’s also the challenge of figuring out how to make sure your social media goals are aligned with your overall company goals.