Experts Bemoan Shortcomings with IoT Security Bill

The infosec community say California’s IoT security bill is “nice,” but doesn’t hit on the important issues. It will be the first potential connected device regulation to come into effect in the United States if California Gov. Jerry Brown decides to sign it — however, some researchers say that the legislation, called Information Privacy: Connected Devices, fails to address fundamental issues plaguing IoT security.

What the 2019 Global Security Budget Looks Like for Healthcare

Security concerns are on the rise, especially in healthcare with system violations occuring at an alarming rate. A recent report put out by research firm Gartner estimates the world will spend over 124 billion dollars on information security in 2019.

Electric Power Grid Security: It’s Time

Digital Directorship – Cybersecurity – Utilities: Electrical Grid Electric Power Grid Security: It’s Time 09/12/2018 By Jon Stanford – PowerGrid International Cisco Over the years I’ve had hundreds of thought-provoking conversations with utility CISOs and other industry security professionals. Heck, I was a utility CISO myself at one time, so I know the territory. In…read more.

Cyber risks can come in direct strikes targeted toward electrical grid or other crucial infrastructure which may impact the operations or safety of this grid. Cyber risk of the grid are intrusions concentrated on manipulating industrial management system networks.