With Medical Records Tools, Apple Wades Deeper Into Digital Health

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With Medical Records Tools, Apple Wades Deeper Into Digital Health

Apple said Wednesday it plans to introduce new features that will allow iPhone users to access parts of their medical records through the company’s Health app. The move could impact the interoperability of health records software and spark more competition in the health IT industry.

Apple said it has updated the Health app’s Health Records section to make it simple for patients to download data from hospitals and clinics where they’ve received care. The app sorts information into categories like medications, immunizations, and results of laboratory tests.

Apple said that to start, a dozen of the nation’s most prestigious healthcare providers will be able to transmit medical records from their computer systems to patients’ iPhones. This group of 12 organizations, which includes Johns Hopkins Medicine, UC San Diego Health, and Rush University Medical Center, will have the ability to send patients their health data starting Thursday, according to The New York Times. Apple said it plans to introduce the new functionality at additional hospital systems in the coming months.

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