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Digital Directorship – Beyond the Boardroom


The convergence of physical and online commerce is forcing companies to re-examine—and in some cases redefine—their business models to survive. As businesses respond to the disruptions, they must also address tough questions about the composition and structure of their boards, including the skills, experience, and knowledge required of their board members.

Current Articles …

  • How digital transformation is fostering a stronger CFO/CIO relationship

    How digital transformation is fostering a stronger CFO/CIO relationship With technological advancement revolutionizing how businesses operate and create value, the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (the Association) says greater collaboration between CIOs and CFOs will be key in driving sustainable business performance The way businesses create value has changed significantly in the past few […]

  • The Relationship Between Cybersecurity and Corporate Governance

    As headlines of every newly discovered breach emerge, they reinforce the message to board directors of the extreme complexity and sophistication of technology. Cyber risk is not only here to stay, it’s sure to become even more complex in the coming years.

  • The Strategic Chief Data Officer: Leveraging Data for Customer Value

    The Strategic Chief Data Officer: Leveraging Data for Customer Value AT&T is inundated with data. Steve Stine, Chief Data Officer (CDO) at AT&T says that over 186 petabytes of data traverse AT&T’s network every day, and with operational data and customer data.”

  • The Board Directors You Need for a Digital Transformation

    Look for leaders who have strategic, general management backgrounds; who can speak with authority on customer perspective, vision and strategy, and leadership and culture; but who also bring commercial and investment acumen.

  • The New ‘Digital Director’ Corporate Board Role: Are You Ready?

    here are several professional profiles being considered for digital director roles, and the CIO profile is not at the top of the list. Business executives with digital experience are often the preferred profile.

  • 2014 Digital Board Director Study

    The demand for digital leaders continues to accelerate – and for good reason. The evidence demonstrates that companies that embrace digital transformation outperform their peers across an array of financial measures.

  • Making the Most of the Digital Director

    Boards that successfully recruit a digitally savvy director will get the most from their contributions by carefully defining what digital means for the business and the specific capabilities the board needs.


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