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Artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) is a form of direct marketing leveraging database marketing techniques as well as AI concepts and modeling such as machine learning, deep learning and Bayesian Network. The main difference resides in the automated reasoning part performed by computers against large sets of data to deliver more efficient and personalized marketing, product and customer service.

Current Blog Topics on Artificial Intelligence:

  • Using AI to Optimize Your Google AdWord Bidding
    AI with Adwords

    Digital Directorship – AI Using AI to Optimize Your Google AdWord Bidding Digital advertising is no passing trend. According to a recent study by professional services firm PwC, companies spent over $20 billion on internet advertising in each of the first two quarters of 2017 — a dramatic increase from the first half of 2016. In … Read More

  • The Robots are Coming: Is AI the Future of Biotech?
    Drug Discovery

    We are beginning to see partnerships form between Big Pharma and biotech startups that employ AI and ML for drug discovery and other purposes.

  • AI Tools to Help You with Your Online Advertising Spend

    Marketing your business online is a costly business. Gone are the days where you could rely on organic reach. You have to pay to play the game. And that should be done cost efficiently.

  • China’s massive investment in artificial intelligence has an insidious downside
    AI enhanced chip

    China’s massive investment in artificial intelligence has an insidious downside Tech companies and computer science departments around the world are now pursuing AI-optimized chips. The guiding question today is: “How do we apply AI to rethink our products?”

  • AI in Pharma and Biomedicine – Analysis of the Top 5 Global Drug Companies

    Four out of the five leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are currently leveraging AI solutions for chronic disease management in the areas of cancer and diabetes.

  • Amazon Wants to Disrupt Health Care in America. In China, Tech Giants Already Have.

    Amazon Wants to Disrupt Health Care in America. In China, Tech Giants Already Have. Amazon and two other American titans are trying to shake up health care by experimenting with their own employees’ coverage.

  • 6 steps for negotiating winning AI deals

    6 steps for negotiating winning AI deals While emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and the IoT introduce exciting growth opportunities, they also present challenges and additional layers of complexity when sourcing, negotiating and enabling these technologies.

  • B2B Chatbots are Poised for Explosive Growth

    B2B Chatbots are Poised for Explosive Growth There are best practices for approaching chatbots and virtual assistants as organizations move to a scenario where tasks happen transparently behind natural language interfaces. This article explains some of the opportunities and pitfalls.

  • AI in Cybersecurity: Where We Stand & Where We Need to Go

    How security practitioners can incorporate expert knowledge into machine learning algorithms that reveal security insights, safeguard data, and keep attackers out.

  • Deploy Watson Conversation Chatbots to WordPress

    If you’re reading this then you’ve most likely heard all the buzz around chatbots. In fact, you may have come up with a few scenarios where it would be really helpful for you to use one.

  • Artificial intelligence for the real world

    We believe that every large company will be exploring cognitive technologies.  If you are thinking about it, this is a good article to help clarify what it might do and how to begin.

  • AI Can Diagnose Heart Disease and Lung Cancer More Accurately Than Doctors

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has already proven useful in the healthcare industry, and now, two newly developed AI diagnostics systems could change how doctors diagnose heart disease and lung cancer.

  • Under Armour And IBM To Transform Personal Health And Fitness, Powered By IBM Watson

    Under Armour (NYSE: UA) announced a strategic partnership with IBM (NYSE: IBM) to create and provide meaningful data-backed health and fitness insights, powered by IBM Watson’s cognitive computing technology.

  • 15 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

    Artificial intelligence (see the Wikipedia definition), specifically machine learning, is an increasingly integral part of many industries, including marketing.

  • How AI Is Streamlining Marketing and Sales

    A machine doesn’t have to fool people; it just needs to help them and thereby help the businesses that deploy them. It may be the only way to scale a business to a global community.

  • Emerging Applications of AI in Marketing

    With the availability of user data, marketing has become more personalized, targeted, and data-driven. Gone are the times where brands spend lavishly on mass communication channels. There are numerous spaces where AI is helping marketers. Ad optimization, sales, customer support, content curation, and analytics are all getting revolutionized by AI. Let’s explore more such applications of AI in marketing.

  • Davos 2017 – Artificial Intelligence

    As business opportunities for artificial intelligence multiply, how can industry leaders design the principles and technical standards into their products that benefit society as a whole?

  • How artificial intelligence drives PPC automation
    Frederick Vallaeys

    A basic primer on artificial intelligence and its methods. As artificial intelligence starts to play a bigger role in PPC account management, columnist Frederick Valleys believes we must be vigilant about understanding the capabilities of the systems we’re relying on.

  • The Past, Present and Future of AI in Marketing

    Artificial intelligence has dominated popular culture for years; it may soon dominate marketing. Artificial intelligence could be what’s next in marketing. Are marketers ready for its impact?

  • What Is The Difference Between Deep Learning, Machine Learning and AI?

    Essentially Deep Learning involves feeding a computer system a lot of data, which it can use to make decisions about other data. This data is fed through neural networks, as is the case in machine learning.


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