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Healthcare Experiences Twice the Number of Cyber Attacks As Other Industries.

(Healthcare Cybersecurity) Healthcare networks not only include clinics and doctor’s offices, but things like Internet-based consulting with remote healthcare providers or patients, multi-cloud IaaS and SaaS environments, and connected medical devices both inside hospitals and deployed with patients.

Healthcare is a lucrative target for hackers with weaponized ransomware, misconfigured cloud storage buckets and phishing emails dominating the year.  These threats will continue and cybercriminals will likely get more creative despite better awareness among healthcare organizations at the executive level for the  funding needed to protect themselves.

The following articles highlight some of the biggest breaches across the industry – and points to some mistakes to avoid in the future.

Current blog topics:

  • a Breakthrough in Cybersecurity Protection
    Finally, a Breakthrough in Cybersecurity Protection

    The breakthrough is TrustWrx . It effectively “firewalls” the entire communications channel.  TrustWrx provides an architecture for secure communications where the fraudsters simply cannot operate. Simply put, if they cannot connect or talk to a server or network, then they cannot hack into it or steal data. 

  • Medical devices are woefully insecure
    Medical devices are woefully insecure. These hospitals and manufacturers want to fix that

    Medical devices — such as pacemakers, insulin pumps and MRI machines — are increasingly vulnerable to hacking. As of today, however, there’s no federal mandate for those devices to have cybersecurity protections.

  • Cyberwar predictions
    Cyberwar predictions for 2019: The stakes have been raised

    Cybersecurity will define many of the international conflicts of the future. Here’s an overview of the current threat landscape.

  • cyber security predictions
    9 cyber security predictions for 2019

    The threat landscape is huge, offensive and defensive technologies are evolving rapidly, and nation-state attacks are increasing in terms of scope and sophistication.

  • Catawba Valley patient records
    3 phishing hacks breach 20,000 Catawba Valley patient records

    While investigating one phishing attack in August, medical center officials discovered a hacker had access to three accounts for more than a month. North Carolina-based Catawba Valley Medical Center is notifying 20,000 patients that their personal data was breached after three successful phishing attacks.

  • Federal ACA Portal
    CMS responds to data breach affecting 75,000 in federal ACA portal

    Digital Directorship Cybersecurity: Healthcare CMS responds to data breach affecting 75,000 in federal ACA portal Source: Healthcare Finance – OCT 22, 2018 Susan Morse, Senior Editor The files of an estimated 75,000 individuals were accessed in a breach of for Affordable Care Act enrollment, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. CMS said […]

  • phishing attacks
    Two phishing attacks on Minnesota DHS breach 21,000 patient records

    Digital Directorship Cybersecurity: Healthcare Two phishing attacks on Minnesota DHS breach 21,000 patient records For more than a month, two separate employee accounts were compromised by the cyberattacks before the IT department discovered the hack. Source: Healthcare ITNews | By Jessica Davis October 12, 2018 Two employees of the Minnesota Department of Human Services fell for […]

  • Ransomware attack on fetal diagnostic lab breaches 40,800 patient records

    The Fetal Diagnostic Institute of the Pacific was hit by a ransomware attack on June 30 that potentially breached the data of 40,800 patients. Hackers breached FDIP servers in June, which included some patient records.

  • Global Security Budget for Healthcare
    What the 2019 Global Security Budget Looks Like for Healthcare

    Security concerns are on the rise, especially in healthcare with system violations occuring at an alarming rate. A recent report put out by research firm Gartner estimates the world will spend over 124 billion dollars on information security in 2019.

  • Phishing attack breaches 38,000 patient records at Legacy Health

    Portland, Oregon-based Legacy Health is notifying 38,000 patients that a phishing attack may have breached their data.

  • With Medical Records Tools, Apple Wades Deeper Into Digital Health

    With Medical Records Tools, Apple Wades Deeper Into Digital Health Apple said Wednesday it plans to introduce new features that will allow iPhone users to access parts of their medical records through the company’s Health app.

  • $10 Million Cyber Attack Hits New York Hospital
    $10 Million Cyber Attack Hits New York Hospital

    A ransonware attack took down more than 6,000 computers at ECMC earlier this year. ECMC spent nearly $10 million recovering from massive cyberattack.


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