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As an eBusiness leader, do you get the feeling that you’re no longer playing the same game that you once were?  It’s not you; the world has changed.

The things that used to set companies apart — such as economies of scale, distribution strength, and brand — are far less potent than they used to be. Why? Because digital technology has fundamentally changed two things: the dynamics of the markets in which you operate and the speed that you need to remain competitive.

Digital transformation is the process of shifting your organization from a legacy approach to new ways of working and thinking using digital, social, mobile and emerging technologies.

It involves a change in leadership, different thinking, the encouragement of innovation and new business models, incorporating digitization of assets and an increased use of technology to improve the experience of your organization’s employees, customers, suppliers, partners and stakeholders.

Current Blog Topics:

  • It’s Starting: The First Cyberattack on the U.S. Grid Reported
    Denial of Service

    Reports of an unparalleled grid “cyber event” caused a stir in power sector and cybersecurity circles. The grid runs everything. Forget how powerful the Grid is. Think how many other vital infrastructure sectors rely on electricity? Yes, it is everything.

  • Cybersecurity is no longer just the business of IT and the business of Security. It is everyone’s business.
    Cybersecurity Surface Report

    In-depth Research provides the insight required to make informed decisions regarding how best to protect your digital assets.

  • Why Data Security Has Become a Priority for Healthcare Professionals

    While data breaches have been significant in the healthcare industry, it appears that changes are coming where they’re needed most: advancements in medical devices.

  • Exposed Records Up 126% in 2018 Breaches
    Data Breaches up 126%

    Digital Directorship Cybersecurity:Data Security/Privacy Exposed Records Up 126% in 2018 Breaches Source:  InfoSecuirty Magazine: Feb 05, 2019 The overall number of breaches fell in 2018, but the number of compromised records skyrocketed, resulting in a 126% increase, according to the 2018 End-of-Year Data Breach Report. The Identity Theft Resource Center tracked the data breach events […]

  • Secrecy Reigns as NERC Fines Utilities $10M citing Serious Cyber Risks
    North American Electric Reliability Corporation

    ERC fined a US “regional entity” for 127 violations of the NERC CIP standard. Cyber attacks on the electric grid pose the risk of serious social disruption.

  • Finally, a Breakthrough in Cybersecurity Protection
    a Breakthrough in Cybersecurity Protection

    The breakthrough is TrustWrx . It effectively “firewalls” the entire communications channel.  TrustWrx provides an architecture for secure communications where the fraudsters simply cannot operate. Simply put, if they cannot connect or talk to a server or network, then they cannot hack into it or steal data. 

  • Cyber-Hijacking Campaign Sets off Global Government Alarm Bells

    Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is tracking a series of incidents involving Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure tampering. CISA is aware of multiple executive branch agency domains that were impacted by the tampering campaign and has notified the agencies that maintain them.

    Attackers have redirected and intercepted web and mail traffic, and could do so for other networked services.

  • Medical devices are woefully insecure. These hospitals and manufacturers want to fix that
    Medical devices are woefully insecure

    Medical devices — such as pacemakers, insulin pumps and MRI machines — are increasingly vulnerable to hacking. As of today, however, there’s no federal mandate for those devices to have cybersecurity protections.

  • Russian cyberattack “should wake us up,” former Air Force officer says
    Russian cyberattack wakeup

    Earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that Russian hackers have infiltrated the U.S. electric grid. That means they may have the ability to shut down major power plants. The targeted facilities included at least one nuclear power plant and other types of infrastructure as well.

  • Audit finds cyber vulnerabilities in US missile defense system
    Audit finds Cyber Vulnerabilies

    The Army, Navy and Missile Defense Agency are failing to take basic cybersecurity steps to ensure that information on America’s ballistic missile defense system won’t fall into nefarious hands.

  • Cyber Attacks are leading to US Navy Collisions
    US Navy Collisions

    While Pentagon seems to be busy investigating the cause of USS John S McCain Navy Ship’s collision with a Singapore Oil tanker, reports in the media are emerging that there could be a hand of North Korean Cyber Army behind these attacks.

  • DNC says Russia tried to hack its servers again in November 2018
    DOG Russian group Cozy Bear

    The Democratic National Committee (DNC) claimed today that Russian hackers tried to break into its servers in November 2018, shortly after the conclusion of the US midterm elections.

  • What caused Atlanta Airport Power Outage? Officials won’t rule out terrorism.
    What caused Atlanta Airport Power Outage? Officials won’t rule out terrorism.

    Officials still have not determined what sparked the fire that shut down power at the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International and are reportedly refusing to rule out terrorism.

  • Power restored at Reagan National after ‘airport wide’ outage
    Regan Airport Power Outage

    A power outage plunged much of Reagan National Airport into darkness Wednesday night. Dominion Power is working understand the root cause of that power disruption.

  • New York City sky lights up bright blue after Queens power plant explosion
    Lights Go Out

    A huge explosion at a New York power plant has turned the sky above parts of the city a bright blue-green. Many Manhattanites were stunned when the sky over parts of Queens started to glow a bright neon blue.

  • Did IoT Cyberattacks cause NY Power Transformers to Explode?
    Lights Go Out

    Officials blamed a power surge for the blackout on Dec. 28th that left LaGuardia airport in the dark for about 45 minutes, grounding flights. A look at the trend of power outages at American airports shows a disturbing pattern and possibly sinister cause…cyberattacks.

  • Your data was probably stolen in cyberattack in 2018
    Your data was probably stolen

    Billions of people were affected by data breaches and cyberattacks in 2018 – 765 million in the months of April, May and June alone – with losses surpassing tens of millions of dollars, according to global digital security firm Positive Technologies.

  • Cyberwar predictions for 2019: The stakes have been raised
    Cyberwar predictions

    Cybersecurity will define many of the international conflicts of the future. Here’s an overview of the current threat landscape.

  • Chinese Hackers Breach U.S. Navy Contractors

    Chinese hackers are breaching Navy contractors to steal everything from ship-maintenance data to missile plans, triggering a top-to-bottom review of cyber vulnerabilities.

  • NRCC officials hacked during 2018 election
    NRCC officials hacked

    The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) said Tuesday that it was the victim of a cyber intrusion during the 2018 campaign season. The email accounts of four senior aides at the organization were surveilled for several months.

  • TOP 10 of the world’s largest cyberattacks
    world's largest cyberattacks

    The number of cyber attacks has grown steadily during the last few years. In 2016, 758 million malicious attacks occurred according to KasperskyLab, (an attack launched every 40 seconds) and there is no doubt that 2019 will break the record.

  • Hackers breach and steal password data for 100 million users
    Hackers breach

    Hackers breach and steal password data for 100 million users Other stolen personal data includes names, email addresses, and direct messages. Source: DAN GOODIN – 12/3/2018 Brace yourself for yet another massive data breach., a site where people ask and answer questions on a range of topics, said hackers breached its computer network and […]

  • Russian Hackers Haven’t Stopped Probing the US Power Grid
    Russian Hackers Haven't Stopped

    In recent years, hacks against the power grid have gone from a mostly theoretical risk to a real-world problem. Two large-scale blackouts in Ukraine caused by Russian cyberattacks in 2015 and 2016 showed just how feasible it is. Russia’s continues to probe US critical infrastructure alarming.

  • Biggest cyber security breaches 2018

    All the social networking sites we use, the apps, everywhere where we give consent to access our information is making our profiles in their respective directories. Are they secure? Obviously not!

  • 9 cyber security predictions for 2019
    cyber security predictions

    The threat landscape is huge, offensive and defensive technologies are evolving rapidly, and nation-state attacks are increasing in terms of scope and sophistication.

  • DNS over HTTPS seeks to make internet use more private

    DNS over HTTPS. DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is a protocol for performing remote Domain Name System (DNS) resolution via the HTTPS protocol. A goal of the method is to increase user privacy and security by preventing eavesdropping and manipulation of DNS data by man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • Marriott discloses massive data breach affecting up to 500 million guests
    Massive Marriott Data Breach

    Marriott said Friday that hackers have had access to the reservation systems of many of its hotel chains for the past four years, a breach that exposed private details of up to 500 million customers while underscoring the sensitive nature of records showing where and when people travel — and with whom

  • Russians Hacked into America’s Electric Grid. Here’s Why Securing It Is Hard.
    Airforce Cyber Deception

    The Department of Homeland Security has recently disclosed new details about the extent to which Russia has infiltrated “critical infrastructure” like American power plants, water facilities and gas pipelines.

  • 3 phishing hacks breach 20,000 Catawba Valley patient records
    Catawba Valley patient records

    While investigating one phishing attack in August, medical center officials discovered a hacker had access to three accounts for more than a month. North Carolina-based Catawba Valley Medical Center is notifying 20,000 patients that their personal data was breached after three successful phishing attacks.

  • CMS responds to data breach affecting 75,000 in federal ACA portal
    Federal ACA Portal

    Digital Directorship Cybersecurity: Healthcare CMS responds to data breach affecting 75,000 in federal ACA portal Source: Healthcare Finance – OCT 22, 2018 Susan Morse, Senior Editor The files of an estimated 75,000 individuals were accessed in a breach of for Affordable Care Act enrollment, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. CMS said […]

  • Two phishing attacks on Minnesota DHS breach 21,000 patient records
    phishing attacks

    Digital Directorship Cybersecurity: Healthcare Two phishing attacks on Minnesota DHS breach 21,000 patient records For more than a month, two separate employee accounts were compromised by the cyberattacks before the IT department discovered the hack. Source: Healthcare ITNews | By Jessica Davis October 12, 2018 Two employees of the Minnesota Department of Human Services fell for […]

  • The Pentagon: Incompetent on Cybersecurity
    The Pentagon Incompetent on Cybersecurity

    The Pentagon scores dead last in federal information technology management rankings. This reveals woeful risk management and technology modernization. It’s all the more inexcusable when the DoD’s budgetary leeway is taken into account.

  • Pentagon’s big audit will inspect for cybersecurity flaws, comptroller says
    Pentagon’s big audit will inspect for cybersecurity flaws,

    The Government Accountability Office found that U.S. weapons programs are vulnerable to cyberattacks and that the Pentagon has been slow to protect the systems that are increasingly reliant on computer networks and software.

  • Experts Bemoan Shortcomings with IoT Security Bill

    The infosec community say California’s IoT security bill is “nice,” but doesn’t hit on the important issues. It will be the first potential connected device regulation to come into effect in the United States if California Gov. Jerry Brown decides to sign it — however, some researchers say that the legislation, called Information Privacy: Connected Devices, fails to address fundamental issues plaguing IoT security.

  • Ransomware attack on fetal diagnostic lab breaches 40,800 patient records

    The Fetal Diagnostic Institute of the Pacific was hit by a ransomware attack on June 30 that potentially breached the data of 40,800 patients. Hackers breached FDIP servers in June, which included some patient records.

  • What the 2019 Global Security Budget Looks Like for Healthcare
    Global Security Budget for Healthcare

    Security concerns are on the rise, especially in healthcare with system violations occuring at an alarming rate. A recent report put out by research firm Gartner estimates the world will spend over 124 billion dollars on information security in 2019.

  • Electric Power Grid Security: It’s Time
    Jon Stanford

    Digital Directorship – Cybersecurity – Utilities: Electrical Grid Electric Power Grid Security: It’s Time 09/12/2018 By Jon Stanford – PowerGrid International Cisco Over the years I’ve had hundreds of thought-provoking conversations with utility CISOs and other industry security professionals. Heck, I was a utility CISO myself at one time, so I know the territory. In […]

  • Cyber risks can come in direct strikes targeted toward electrical grid or other crucial infrastructure which may impact the operations or safety of this grid. Cyber risk of the grid are intrusions concentrated on manipulating industrial management system networks.

  • How to Build a Network of Security Champions Within Your Organization

    Digital Directorship – Cybersecurity How to Build a Network of Security Champions Within Your Organization Improving security awareness with specialized programs is essential for small businesses and large corporations alike, but is it enough? Read full article at Infosec  Institute According to Joanna Huisman, research director at Gartner: “The problem is that these traditional security […]

  • Phishing attack breaches 38,000 patient records at Legacy Health

    Portland, Oregon-based Legacy Health is notifying 38,000 patients that a phishing attack may have breached their data.

  • How vulnerable is the grid to cyberattacks, really?
    How vulnerable is the grid to cyberattacks

    The very real possibility of localized action is out there, but the grid is not going down tomorrow, next year, or anytime in the near future. This highly protective article may be quite misleading in its positive outlook.

  • The damage from Atlanta’s huge cyberattack is even worse than the city first thought
    Atlanta Cyber Attack Shutdown

    More than two months after a cyberattack hobbled many of its critical municipal systems, the city of Atlanta is still sorting through the wreckage of what is likely the worst cyberattack targeting a U.S. city to date.

  • How Blockchain Will Build Better Manufacturing
    Changes Expected from Tech Companies

    Digital Directorship – Blockchain How Blockchain Will Build Better Manufacturing With dozens of cryptocurrencies making their ICO, it is no surprise that blockchain is getting more and more media coverage. What was once a purely financial technology, it is an append-only ledger after all, has shown some surprisingly expansive potential into other industries with the […]

  • Tips for Incorporating the IoT For Supply Chain
    Smart Data Collective

    Using the IoT for supply chain with just a few simple changes can help to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and predictability of supply chain processes.

  • Is IoT’s dubious security past coming back to haunt it?
    IoT Dubious Security

    Digital Directorship – Cybersecurity – IOTIs IoT’s dubious security past coming back to haunt it? The IoT’s patchy security record has long been a source of discussion in security circles, but the Mirai malware attack in October 2016 was probably the point where the rest of the world stood up and took note as well. […]

  • How To Protect the Connected Energy Grid
    Protect the Energy Grid

    A March 2017 MIT report found that both electricity and oil-and-gas industry leaders “believed that unduly complex, and insufficiently secure, hardware, software, and industrial controls were a significant source of cyber vulnerabilities.”

  • Pipeline Security and Cybersecurity: Are Guidelines Enough to Protect Critical Infrastructure?
    Pipeline Security

    Since 9/11, no new rules or regulations have been promulgated to address pipeline or LNG facility security or cybersecurity. Although the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently released an updated version of its “Pipeline Security Guidelines” (Guidelines) that were last issued in 2011, those Guidelines remain advisory.

  • Why the FBI wants you to reboot your router — and why that won’t be enough next time

    Sophisticated malware and unsophisticated home-network security, and it’s a harbinger of the sorts of pervasive threats — from nation-states, criminals and hackers — that we should expect in coming years.

  • How Do We Enhance Trust in Connected Things?
    Red Alert Labs

    We need to review those security measures, come up with better ones and test them extensively against any possible threat. The first thing that needs to happen is increased security on the technical level.

  • What is The Role of the Cyber-Risk Committee?

    Digital Directorship – Cybersecurity What is The Role of the Cyber-Risk Committee? Cyber-risk is an enterprise-wide risk that corporations are wisely placing on the high-priority list, now and for the long term. Such issues as mobile technology, cloud computing, social media, increasing incidences of breaches, corporate espionage and hacks that shut down operations have made […]

  • How digital transformation is fostering a stronger CFO/CIO relationship

    How digital transformation is fostering a stronger CFO/CIO relationship With technological advancement revolutionizing how businesses operate and create value, the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (the Association) says greater collaboration between CIOs and CFOs will be key in driving sustainable business performance The way businesses create value has changed significantly in the past few […]

  • Driving calls with PPC: 5 mistakes most search marketers make

    Most search marketers want the same thing out of their pay-per-click campaigns: driving conversions up and cost per conversion down. Things get a little more complicated when the goal of your PPC spending is to drive calls to your business.

  • 10 Internet of Things Features and Their Successes
    Internet of Things IoT

    Digital Directorship – Internet of Things 10 Internet of Things Features and Their Successes What makes the human mind different from other living creatures is its ability to feel curious. Feeling inquisitive about how things work and how to make things better is innate to humans. It is a constant pursuit of the human mind […]

  • Equifax breaks down just how bad last year’s data breach was

    Equifax has revealed the exact scope of the massive breach that exposed sensitive data about millions of Americans — including confirmation that thousands of passports and driver’s licenses were compromised along with the Social Security numbers of nearly all of the more than 146 million affected consumers.

  • Using AI to Optimize Your Google AdWord Bidding
    AI with Adwords

    Digital Directorship – AI Using AI to Optimize Your Google AdWord Bidding Digital advertising is no passing trend. According to a recent study by professional services firm PwC, companies spent over $20 billion on internet advertising in each of the first two quarters of 2017 — a dramatic increase from the first half of 2016. In […]

  • Why CIOs should care about the evolution of collaboration technology
    Cisco Webex

    At Cisco’s latest Collaboration Summit, Rowan Trollope, SVP and GM of Applications, provided a view into how different collaboration technology is today and where it’s going.

  • The Robots are Coming: Is AI the Future of Biotech?
    Drug Discovery

    We are beginning to see partnerships form between Big Pharma and biotech startups that employ AI and ML for drug discovery and other purposes.

  • AI Tools to Help You with Your Online Advertising Spend

    Marketing your business online is a costly business. Gone are the days where you could rely on organic reach. You have to pay to play the game. And that should be done cost efficiently.

  • How To Secure The Internet Of Things

    Attacks using the Internet of Things (IoT) jumped by 280%, as hackers become ever-savvier! The problem has become pervasive enough that the U.S. Department of Commerce has moved to set standards for security.

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