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Board members need to understand the factors that impact their businesses. The boardroom agenda needs to keep pace with what is influencing business, and the things that board members need to fully appreciate is the growing influence and power of social media.

  • Facebook Organic Reach Update for Pages and Instagram Live Sharing

    Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we explore Facebook organic reach update for pages, Instagram Live sharing in Direct Messages, and Facebook shutting down their personal assistant “M” with Jeff Sieh, and other breaking social media marketing news of the week!

  • SEO trends and Google changes to expect in 2018

    We’re already over a week into 2018, and the start of a new year is a great time to check in and see where we stand as an industry — and how things might change this year.

  • How to Create an Extraordinary Social Media Strategy for 2017

    There are so many goals we could potentially focus on – like brand awareness, engagement, traffic, and signups, to name a few. There’s also the challenge of figuring out how to make sure your social media goals are aligned with your overall company goals.

  • What do we do with all this Big Data?

    What do we do with all this Big Data? Does a set of data make you feel more comfortable? More successful? Then your interpretation of it is likely wrong. In a surprisingly moving talk, Susan Etlinger explains why, as we receive more and more data, we need to deepen our critical thinking skills.

  • Why the C-suite don’t ‘get’ social media marketing

    A poll of senior marketers around the world conducted by Useful Social Media found that only half of all boardrooms are convinced about social media’s value. Now that it is a multi-billion pound industry, surely CFOs, CEOs and CMOs don’t still think social media is a fad? So what is really at the heart of management’s reticence?

  • Social Media Exposes More Than You Think!

    Find out the surprising things Facebook (and others) can guess about you from your random Likes and Shares.

  • Social Media And The Boardroom: Critical Questions Directors Need To Ask

    The brand-building opportunities social media present are nearly limitless, and the risks they introduce are just as expansive. And to many corporate leaders, they remain somewhat of a mystery.

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