The Board Directors You Need for a Digital Transformation

The Board Directors You Need for a Digital Transformation

When the term digital transformation was first bandied about by consultants and business publications, its implications were more about keeping up and catching up than true transformation. Additionally, at first it was only applied to large, traditional organizations struggling, or experimenting, in an increasingly digital economy. But true digital transformation requires so much more. As evidenced by the recent Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods, we’re living in a new world.

We started tracking the role of digital in the boardroom in 2012. The board of directors has a vital role to play in digital transformation.

Ultimately, we advise companies to look for leaders who have strategic, general management backgrounds; who can speak with authority on customer perspective, vision and strategy, and leadership and culture; but who also bring commercial and investment acumen. As boards are recognizing that directors don’t necessarily need to bring prior CEO or board experience, they’re realizing the opportunities provided by a fresh set of eyes. We recommend pairing new board members with veterans to learn the ropes and assimilate into the culture, and integrating digital discussions into all strategic conversations.

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Richard Spangenberg

About the Author: Richard Spangenberg, CEO and Executive Director of Digital Directorship & board member at several companies, is a senior c-suite level executive, innovative strategic marketing leader, and digital/big data/AI specialist familiar with digital transformation, cybersecurity, startups, and social media integration to existing programs.