Finally, a Breakthrough in Cybersecurity Protection

The breakthrough is TrustWrx . It effectively “firewalls” the entire communications channel.  TrustWrx provides an architecture for secure communications where the fraudsters simply cannot operate. Simply put, if they cannot connect or talk to a server or network, then they cannot hack into it or steal data. 

9 cyber security predictions for 2019

The threat landscape is huge, offensive and defensive technologies are evolving rapidly, and nation-state attacks are increasing in terms of scope and sophistication.

Experts Bemoan Shortcomings with IoT Security Bill

The infosec community say California’s IoT security bill is “nice,” but doesn’t hit on the important issues. It will be the first potential connected device regulation to come into effect in the United States if California Gov. Jerry Brown decides to sign it — however, some researchers say that the legislation, called Information Privacy: Connected Devices, fails to address fundamental issues plaguing IoT security.

Is IoT’s dubious security past coming back to haunt it?

Digital Directorship – Cybersecurity – IOTIs IoT’s dubious security past coming back to haunt it? The IoT’s patchy security record has long been a source of discussion in security circles, but the Mirai malware attack in October 2016 was probably the point where the rest of the world stood up and took note as well.…read more.

How To Secure The Internet Of Things

Attacks using the Internet of Things (IoT) jumped by 280%, as hackers become ever-savvier! The problem has become pervasive enough that the U.S. Department of Commerce has moved to set standards for security.