Fintech Companies and Bank Charters: Options and Considerations for 2018

What once was old is new again. The fintech ecosystem that sprung up in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis has grown and matured. But fintechs have largely come to see banks as partners in providing innovative products and services, helping even to modernize banks’ internal systems.

How Fintech Is Targeting Millennials Using AI And Machine-Learning

Today’s technology provides a gateway for companies to do some pretty amazing things. As well, traditional banking and investment channels aren’t moving fast enough with the industry. They are falling too far behind and are losing their current user base.

Technology trends shaping up for 2018

Board Issues: Navigating near-term risks and opportunities while staying focused on long-term performance will be particularly challenging in 2018. Whether it’s digital disruption or cyber security, the business implications of environmental and social issues, or designing the right board for the company’s future.

11 hottest European fintech start-ups to watch right now

11 Hottest European fintech Start-ups to Watch Right Now Fintech – or financial technology – was a buzzword in 2015 with start-ups raising large sums of money and talking up the “disruption” they could cause the established players from banks to payment firms.

The New Wave Of FinTech: The End Of Banking

The New Wave Of FinTech: The End Of Banking Silicon Valley Innovation Center Published on May 12, 2017 The moderator Mike Sigal, the entrepreneur, advisor and start up coach for the Fintech Program. He is presenting his views on The new wave of fintech, the ending of Banking?

Using fintech to democratize financial services

Using fintech to democratize financial services Using fintech to democratize financial services PayPal’s CEO explains how digital can bring new people into the banking fold and create opportunities for them to spend, save, and make charitable contributions.

22 Hottest FinTech Startups From Silicon Valley

21 Inc. is the first computer with native hardware and software support for the bitcoin protocol. Developers can use it to build bitcoin-payable apps and services. The embedded mining chip launched by 21 Inc. is called BitShare; it comes in a variety of form factors and can be used for micropayments, increasing chip sales and IP licensing, or as a new way for authentication.

Fintech: Silicon Valley Takes On Wall Street

Today’s lean, data-driven startups are moving financial services from Wall Street to Main Street. Using artificial intelligence and scalable web platforms, they are leveraging operational efficiencies to drive new business models.