Cyber Attacks are leading to US Navy Collisions

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Cyber Attacks are leading to US Navy Collisions

Cyber Attacks are leading to US Navy Collisions

Source: Cybersecurity Insiders: Posted By Naveen Goud

While Pentagon seems to be busy investigating the cause of USS John S McCain Navy Ship’s collision with a Singapore Oil tanker, reports in the media are emerging that there could be a hand of North Korean Cyber Army behind these attacks.

United States Navy has been relying on electronic guidance systems from the past 3 decades and all its vessels are equipped with the best in class technologies.

So, experts are in a belief that the collision might have been caused by a human error or due to some influence from a foreign nation through cyber attacks.

Retired Colonel Steve Ganyard has analyzed the latest ship collision and confirmed that the accident might have been caused by a cyber attack propelled by a foreign nation.

It is a known fact that the latest collision of US Naval Ship happens to be the second collision in 2 months that has come on the heels of USS Fitzgerald Disaster. So, for a Navy destroyer equipped with a full navigation team, collision with an oil tanker happens to be the next to impossible thing to occur.

Jeff Stutzman, Chief Intelligence Officer at Wapack Labs, New Boston, New Hampshire says that the incident has something more than just human error because there were a lot of humans on board to check and balance the stirring errors. He added that the navigation system within the vessel might have tampered or the system on the oil tanker was influenced by some supernatural power making it collide with the US naval vessel.

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Thus, the words of Jeff indicate that either the naval ship or the oil tanker was under the influence of hackers causing the Strait of Malacca disaster.

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