Deploy Watson Conversation Chatbots to WordPress

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Deploy Watson Conversation Chatbots to WordPress

Most people consider chatbots to be in the realm of what only programmers can create, out of reach of business users who would otherwise have a need for them. Thankfully, IBM provides the Watson Conversation service on their IBM Cloud platform which, combined with a WordPress plugin, solves that.

The plugin provides you with an easy way to deploy chatbots you create with IBM Watson Conversation to WordPress sites.


Watson Conversation is IBM’s chatbot service. Its intuitive interface allows chatbot creators to build their chatbot and have it ready to deploy in short time. You can sign up for a free IBM Cloud Lite account to get started.

Building your chatbot won’t be covered in this article but we have a great Chatbot course that guides you through this process and doesn’t require any coding expertise.

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Richard Spangenberg

About the Author: Richard Spangenberg, CEO and Executive Director of Digital Directorship & board member at several companies, is a senior c-suite level executive, innovative strategic marketing leader, and digital/big data/AI specialist familiar with digital transformation, cybersecurity, startups, and social media integration to existing programs.