Digital transformation has little to do with technology!

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Digital Transformation has Little To Do With Technology!


Exponential computing power and intelligent algorithms drive human productivity into another dimension and new technologies disrupt long established business models before lunch. How come only a small digital elite sees the potential while the majority of people is either afraid, ignorant or overconfident when it comes to our the digital future? The answer is deeply routed in our middle class intellectual way of thinking of how to educate our children and how to live a successful life. It is not the technology but our mindsets that threaten our future wellbeing.

Tobias has an extensive track record as marketer and entrepreneur in various industries ranging from beer, through mobile apps up to politics. Two years ago he decided to dedicate his career to helping companies find their way of coping with the impact that disruptive technologies will have on their businesses. As he loves to share his passion he started the SHIFTSCHOOL for digital transformation where he teaches future game changers the right skills and mindset for a digitized world.

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Richard Spangenberg

About the Author: Richard Spangenberg, CEO and Executive Director of Digital Directorship & board member at several companies, is a senior c-suite level executive, innovative strategic marketing leader, and digital/big data/AI specialist familiar with digital transformation, cybersecurity, startups, and social media integration to existing programs.