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Digital Transformation Resources

Digital Transformation Resources

These following blogs from industry leaders, experts, and thought leaders explain digital transformation, the strategies behind it, and how it impacts the customer experience and innovation in a way that gives organizations a competitive edge.

Industry Blogs:

1. Forrester Blogs

Forrester works with business and technology leaders such as CIOs to develop “customer-obsessed strategies that drive growth.” Their blogs features digital transformation posts that provide actionable guidance that is aligned to the role of CIO.

2. CIO Dashboard

Chris Curran, CIO Dashboard blog author, is an emerging technology leader and partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers who has a passion for emerging tech learning, experimentation, and adoption. Curran shares his insights into digital transformation in CIO Dashboard blog posts that cover everything from digital disruptors to uniting with CMOs.

3. Perficient Transform

Perficient is a leading digital transformation consulting firm serving Global 2000 and enterprise customers throughout North America, and Perficient Transform shares their perspectives on transforming the customer experience throughout the connected enterprise. Perficient Transform blog posts include insights on change management, integration, analytics, digital experience, business optimization strategies, and more.

4. Cisco Digital Transformation Blog

Cisco helps companies capture the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the unconnected. By reading the Cisco Digital Transformation Blog, CIOs will learn about innovative companies and the leaders who are guiding them through the digital business transformation.

@CIOonline shares the latest news, analysis, video, blogs, tips, and research for tech and IT professionals. With thousands of digital transformation posts, is one of the most robust blogs on our list. Topics cover IT service management, security teams, approaches to digital transformation, and more.

6. CSC Blogs

CSC shares news on next-gen IT, cybersecurity, health tech, the cloud, Big Data, APIs, and more from 50+ years of leading their clients’ digital transformation. Their blogs showcase their experience in transforming businesses with digital innovation and share case studies and other accounts of the process involved.

7. MSPmentor

MSPmentor is “the ultimate guide to managed services” and the leading global destination for MSPs. Their blog is a treasure trove of digital transformation information, with more than 80 resources covering infrastructure, digital disruptors, the cloud, and more for CIOs.

8. Wipro Digital

Wipro Digital is an innovation-led digital transformation partner that focuses on insight, interaction, integration, and innovation. The news, cases, and insights surrounding digital transformation offered by their blog makes it an especially useful resource for CIOs.

9. The Digital Business Transformation Blog

Axway offers a B2B integration, API, MFT, and OI solution that extends enterprise boundaries and empowers customers to govern the flow of data. The Axway Digital Business Transformation Blog delivers the latest news, industry trends, and insights and covers such topics as shadow IT, agile approaches to integration, and digital transformation in healthcare.

10. The Digital Transformation Blog

Avoka creates frictionless digital sales and service transactions for banking, insurance, wealth management, field service, and government. Their Digital Transformation Blog offers ideas that impact customer acquisition and business agility for CIOs in those industries.

11. Frost & Sullivan – Digital Transformation

Frost & Sullivan is a growth partnership company offering advisory services and expert insights. They share some of those insights into digital transformation in their blog, which serves as an interactive portal to current news, best practices, and thought leadership.

12. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the world’s most widely used social relationship platform. Their blog is a go-to resource for CIOs who want to learn more about digital transformation because it contains posts featuring expert insight and first-hand accounts of innovating with the digital initiative.

13. Accenture Insurance Blog

Accenture helps life and property and casualty insurers achieve high performance. Their blog covers digital transformation as it relates to the insurance industry and includes tips for using digital to deliver relevant digital experiences, challenges insurers face when going digital, and the innovation and collaboration needed to make digital work.

14. Informatica Blog

Informatica is the world’s leading provider of data management solutions in the cloud, on premise, or in a hybrid environment. The Informatica blog features digital transformation and leadership tips for CIOs looking to begin the process or ensure that it goes smoothly.

15. The Networked Society Blog

Ericsson understands how being connected in a networked society transforms our lives and the world. Their Networked Society Blog considers digital transformation from utility, network, and consumer viewpoints to help CIOs understand the full impact and implications of innovative initiatives.

16. BMC Blogs

BMC is a global leader in software solutions that help IT transform traditional businesses into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage. The BMC Blogs contain several informative posts concerning digital transformation covering strategy, management, and security concerns for CIOs.

17. Digital Prism Advisors

Digital transformation and innovation strategist Adriaan Bouten is CEO and founder of Digital Prism Advisors (dprism). dprism is an advisory firm that helps transform businesses in order to take advantage of the digital ecosystem; as such, their blog contains a wealth of information about the digital transformation and includes important lessons for CIOs.

18. Happiest Minds

Happiest Minds is a digital transformation firm enabling companies to leverage disruptive technologies such as Big Data, mobile, analytics, security, cloud, and IoT. Their blog is a resource rich in tips and strategies for transforming businesses with digital innovation.

19. Centric Digital

Centric Digital is a pure play digital transformation company reshaping business models and customer experiences to help traditional businesses grow in an increasingly digital world. Their blog features use cases, tips for undergoing digital transformation, and more for CIOs.

20. Progress Blogs

Progress simplifies the development, deployment, and management of business applications on premise or on any cloud, platform, or device. From creating a culture of digital transformation, to engaging employees and customers via digital transformation, the Progress Blogs share strategies for CIOs.

21. OpenText Blogs

A global leader in enterprise information management, OpenText is Canada’s largest software company. With posts about the customer journey, analytics, and application development, OpenText Blogs share insightful digital transformation information and advice.

22. Nitro Blogs

Nitro changes how the world works with documents and helps teams work smarter. The Nitro Blogs cover digital transformation related topics such as company culture, challenges CIO face when implementing it, why it is a must for today’s companies.

23. Digital Transformation Conversations

Capgemini Consulting is comprised of transformation consultants for today’s digital world. They share views, insights, and thoughts on everything digital in their blog, Digital Transformation Conversations.

24. PMLiVE

Pharmaceutical Market Europe (PMLiVE) shares news, opinions, and analysis of healthcare, pharma, and biotech. Their blog includes information about digital transformation specific to these industries.

25. Hortonworks

Hortonworks breaks down silos, pushes boundaries, and enables entire ecosystems to flourish. An innovative company working to power the future of data, Hortonworks also offers insightful discussions and advice on digital transformation for CIOs in their blog posts.

26. C5 Insight Blog

c5 Insight helps companies create continuously engaged employees that transform the customer experience. Their C5 Insight Blog contains information on digital transformation, especially as it relates to the workplace.

27. IT Best of Breed

IT Best of Breed is a source dedicated to helping IT channel solution providers build, manage, and transform from a technology and business model perspective. The digital transformation posts in their blog are perfect for CIOs because they feature interviews with experts, the impact of digital transformation on the customer experience, and the leadership necessary for aligning digital marketing and sales.

28. JBoss Middleware Blog

A Red Hat blog, JBoss Middleware Blog shares stories of how to innovate more quickly and more intelligently. Covering integration, strategy, and leadership, JBoss’ digital transformation blogs contain the information CIOs need.

29. Unisys Blogs

Unisys Corporation is a global information technology company that works to solve the IT and business challenges of the world’s largest companies and government organizations. As specialists in integrated, leading-edge solutions, Unisys understands digital transformation and shares their insights in more than two dozen posts for CIOs on their blog.

30. EMC Emerging Technologies Blog

EMC Corporation focuses on cloud computing, Big Data, and IT solutions to help you transform operations and provide IT as a service. Posts in their Emerging Technologies Blog offer information on infrastructure, analytics, vision, and more for CIOs diving into digital transformation.

31. Marketo Blog

Marketo helps marketers master the art and science of digital marketing by driving technology innovation and expertise for tomorrow. The Marketo Blog shares trends and insights in digital transformation as it relates to marketing for C-suite leaders.

32. Econsultancy

Econsultancy publishes independent research, analysis, and advice on digital marketing, social media, ecommerce, SEO, mobile, and tech for businesses. Their blog posts on digital transformation address approaches, culture, digital leaders, and more for CIOs.

33. IT Business Edge

IT Business Edge is a technology intelligence agent providing an easier and more effective way to stay on top of the IT issues that affect your company. Because they are in the forefront of business technology, IT Business Edge is an authority on digital transformation; they share their insight in their blog posts for CIOs.

34. Dynatrace APM Blog

Dynatrace enables better customer conversions, faster releases, and simpler operations with digital performance management. They also share digital transformation insights and case studies for C-level leaders in their APM Blog.

35. Smart Insights

Smart Insights deals in the must-know developments, advice, tools, and statistics for digital marketing strategy. Their blog focuses on that strategy and features case studies and expert tips for making digital transformation work.

36. MuleSoft Blog

MuleSoft is revolutionizing the way the world connects data and applications. Their blog looks at every angle of digital transformation, from its potential impacts on revenue to recent trends, and the in-depth posts contain the know-how that CIOs need.

37. R Ray Wang

R Ray Wang is the CEO of ConstellationR, a best-selling author, and a business innovator. His blog offers a “place for honest and candid discussion about what can work, what others have tried, and what is of value.” Wang provides conversations about insider insights into enterprise technology, software, and innovations such as digital transformation in his blog.

38. Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group, the UK’s largest banking group, has embraced digital and adopted new tools to provide a better customer experience. They also are pursuing innovative solutions and sharing insight into digital transformation for CIOs on their blog.

39. Planview Blog

A global leader in portfolio management and project collaboration, Planview helps organizations drive results by optimizing the capacity of people and financial resources. Their blog is rife with information and tips that can help CIOs drive digital transformation.

40. Social, Agile, and Transformation

Isaac Sacolick is a top 100 social CIO and digital transformation leader who focuses on innovation, agile, Big Data, data science, and digital marketing. Sacolick’s digital transformation posts are among some of the most insightful and helpful on our list.

41. .orgSource

Leaders in association web strategy and technology consulting, .orgSource has been guiding digital transformations for more than 10 years. They share their experience and expertise for CIOs in their blog posts, which cover topics from digital culture to steps for achieving digital transformation.

42. mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog

A global B2B software company, mrc specializes in web application development software. Author Joe Stangarone is a veteran of the IT industry with more than 30 years of experience. He shares his leadership and technology insights on the Cup of Joe Blog and focuses on how businesses can save time and money while increasing productivity via digital transformation.

43. Digitalist Magazine

Digitalist Magazine delivers under-the-radar trends, technologies, and disruptors to simplify digital transformation. Their posts are geared toward C-level leaders and cover fundamentals, data security, the digital enterprise, and more.

44. i-SCOOP

i-SCOOP is at the convergence of information, digital, transformation, customer experience, marketing, and holistic optimization. While i-SCOOP does not offer a traditional digital transformation blog, they do provide a comprehensive online guide divided into sections that read like blog posts. Their guide offers advice and insights plus straightforward discussion of digital transformation for CIOs.

45. Electric Lightwave’s Out of the Ethernet

Electric Lightwave is a communications company that applies agility, expertise, infrastructure, and services to build reliable, secure solutions to solve even the most challenging technical issues. Their Out of the Ethernet blog puts that expertise to good use in digital transformation posts for CIOs.

46. KPMG

KPMG is a U.S. audit, tax, and advisory services firm that offers a comprehensive blog that covers topics such as technology, the cloud, business management, C-level leadership, and digital transformation. Many of the blog posts lead to further information in the way of white papers, podcasts, and webcasts.

47. Digital Transformation Book

Digital strategy and transformation consultant Jo Caudron and entrepreneur and technology enthusiast Dado Van Peteghem are the founders of Duval Union Consulting, a company for the new digital world. They also are the writers behind the Digital Transformation Book, which includes articles on digital transformation for CIOs.

48. Forbes

An American business magazine, Forbes features original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics. Forbes is one of the most robust digital transformation resources on our list, with more than 2,000 articles.

49. ZDNet

ZDNet is at the intersection of technology and business. They offer more than 1,100 posts on digital transformation from industry experts and thought leaders, including those who understand the role of the CIO in leading the change.

50. Computerworld

Computerworld is the voice of business technology. Their blog posts are geared toward senior technology professionals and C-suite leaders create and execute business-changing strategies such as digital transformation as successfully as possible.

Follow CIO/CTO:

suite technology executives are increasingly becoming public faces for their organizations, tasked with thought leadership in IT and dictating the direction for spending. As salaries, duties and responsibilities increase, CIOs and CTOs are tasked with keeping corporate technology stacks afloat, while remaining competitive in a high-tech, digital age.

Some of the following IT executives are well-established in the technology sector, and others may be new faces, but all offer a unique insight on modern tech, its challenges and its business applications.

So, in no particular order, here are 10 CIOs and CTOs to follow on Twitter:

1. Raechelle Clemmons: @rclemmons

Position: CIO at Davidson College

Followers: 3,840

Description: “CIO @DavidsonCollege, Frye fellow, proud geeky girl & occasional #geekrockstar, passionate about gender equity & the transformative power of technology.”

Why follow? Clemmons offers a look into technology in the higher education sphere, where she sees her office as a key driver in digital transformation in a sector that has often lagged behind. Her social media platform also gives significant attention to gender, racial and other diversity problems in society.

2. Jonathan Reichental: @Reichental

Position: CIO of the City of Palo Alto

Followers: 8,641

Description: “Chief Information Officer @CityofPaloAlto| Professor @usfsvi & @UCBerkeley. Technophile focused on urban innovation & improving how our cities function.”

Why follow? Reichental is an expert in tech and close to the heart of many major tech companies in Palo Alto, such as Facebook, VMware, HP, Google and Tesla. In between motivational quotes, Reichental offers a glimpse into technology in a city where technology, sustainability and progress are at the forefront.

Want to understand the basics of  in just 1-hour explained in plain English? Take my popular course: 

Blockchain Basics

Blockchain technology presents a radical and disruptive new way of conducting all manner of transactions over the Internet. In this course, learn what the blockchain is and what it might mean to you.

3. Neil Pearce: @neiljpearce

Position: Group CIO at Travis Perkins

Followers: 5,918

Description: “Group CIO – Travis Perkins – Business Technology Leadership all about The Customer”

Why follow? Pearce keeps up to date on AI and tech issues relevant to CIOs, from leadership responsibility to tech education to new technologies. He curates content for his publications, The Artificial Intelligence Daily and The CIO’s Daily, and spreads enterprise news through his Twitter.


The latest The Artificial Intelligence Daily!  Thanks to @JTattersfield@TalentTechLabs @SECWBfunds 

Machine Learning’s Greatest Potential Is Driving Revenue In The Enterprise These and many other insights are from the recently published study, Global CIO Point of View. The entire report is downloadable here (PDF, 24 pp., no opt-in). ServiceNow and Oxford…

4. Paul Daugherty: @pauldaugh

Position: Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Accenture

Followers: 11K

Description: “Chief Technology & Innovation Officer @ Accenture. Views and opinions are my own.”

Why follow? Daugherty has been at Accenture for three decades, and most recently took on the role of Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Accenture. He is a board member of Girls Who Code and covers many tech conferences through his Twitter.

Our primary tech trend for 2017? People. Read why: 

Technology Trends for People—Accenture Tech Vision 2017

Within the last year, we’ve experienced no small degree of change globally, and if there is perhaps one thing most people can agree upon, it is that

5. Mark Russinovich: @markrussinovich

Position: CTO of Microsoft Azure

Followers: 71.8K

Description: “CTO of Microsoft Azure, author of novels Rogue Code, Zero Day and Trojan Horse, Windows Internals, Sysinternals utilities.”

Why follow? Besides offering frequent updates of what’s new on Microsoft’s cloud platform, Russinovich lends his expertise to blockchain demos and projects, containers and cybersecurity on Azure.

Excited about bringing Azure Blockchain to our government cloud: 

6. Miguel A. Gamiño Jr.: @MiguelGamino

Position: CTO of New York City

Followers: 7,995

Description: “CTO @NYCgov @NYCForward #NYCx • Civic Tech’ist • Champ for #Diversity#NetNeutrality • Former CIO of SF • 2x Tech Founder • Co-Founder #GlobalCityCIOs

Why follow? NYC is a cultural and technological hub and Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gamiño are trying to foster the city’s local tech businesses and entrepreneurs. Gamiño offers frequent updates on tech initiatives in the city and examples of how metropolitan areas can cull tech innovation.

Announcing world’s first city tech program to make breakthrough technologies in & for all NYC!  🚀@NYCMayor

De Blasio Administration Launches NYCx to Stimulate Economic Growth

De Blasio Administration Launches NYCx to Stimulate Economic Growth, Create Jobs and Solve Big Challenges Through New Technologies

7. Jim Fowler: @jimrfowler

Position: CIO at General Electric

Followers: 4,069

Description: “I am a husband and dad. Also, CIO for GE. Responsible for developing and delivering the global information technology strategy.”

Why follow? Fowler has been at GE for 17 years, working across aviation, infrastructure, corporate, power and water and capital business segments. His wealth of knowledge across industry verticals, and in one of the most prominent international tech companies, makes him a key executive to follow.

Congratulations to @GE‘s own Nasrin Rezai -named Executive Women’s Forum Corporate Practitioner of the year!  @ewfusa

The Executive Women’s Forum Announces the 2017 Women of Influence Awar

FLEMINGTON, N.J. (PRWEB) October 31, 2017 The Executive Women’s Forum on Information Security, Risk Management, and Privacy (EWF) is pleased to announce the 2017 Women of Influence Award Recipien

8. Michelle McKenna-Doyle: @nflcio

Position: CIO at National Football League

Followers: 3,302

Description: “NFL Executive, Author, Speaker.. Opinions strictly my own. Live, Love, Laugh.”

Why follow? McKenna-Doyle heads IT in one of the most profitable organizations in the country, and her access offers an up-close and sideline view of American football. As a female IT executive in both a predominantly male organization and field, she offers unique insight on diversity and equality in the workforce.

Tackling Tech: The NFL’s Role in Driving Sports Analytics via @patriots

Tackling Tech: The NFL’s Role in Driving Sports Analytics  via @patriots

Tackling Tech: The NFL’s Role in Driving Sports Analytics

In this week’s piece, Bob examines the use of different types of analytics in the NFL, which is helping driving the size of the market skyward according to a new research report.

9. Clay Johnson: @ClayMJohnson

Position: Enterprise CIO at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Followers: 1,271

Description: “CIO for Walmart. Previously worked at GE, Boeing, Dell, FedEx, US Coast Guard. Family and cycling. All views are my own.”

Why follow? Wal-Mart is in the midst of upping its digital portfolio to better compete with online retailers, especially Amazon. Johnson will be a key player in keeping the retail giant up to date on modern tech.

To keep up with AI, we’ll need high-tech brains  via @WSJ @Allen_Institute

To keep up with AI, we’ll need high-tech brains

To Keep Up With AI, We’ll Need High-Tech Brains

Technologies that enhance the human brain will be essential to avoid a dystopian future fueled by the rise of artificial intelligence.

10. Siim Sikkut: @sikkut

Position: CIO of Estonia

Followers: 2,198

Description: “News on #eEstonia + ideas for future of digital societies. Opinions are my own!”

Why follow? Estonia is one of the first truly digital countries, with everything from digital ID cards to digital currency to blockchain-based online health systems. Sikkut offers insight into Estonia’s digital initiatives and efforts so other countries and companies can see these digital systems in action.

Update on  ID-card potential vulnerability: to be better safe than sorry, govt decided to block the impacted certificates (1/2) 


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