The Vital Role of Intuitive Networks in Accelerating Digital Transformation

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The Vital Role of Intuitive Networks in Accelerating Digital Transformation

ByOsama Al-Zoubi, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Middle East

Built for digital business and Internet of Things, intuitive networks promise a respite for organizations struggling with legacy networks and are a stepping stone towards a much bigger picture.

There are an estimated 8.4 billion connected devices today and this number is racing ahead to reach hundreds of billions. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) forecasts, over 500 billion devices and objects will be connected by 2030. The present and ongoing phase of digital transformation is more powerful and challenging than previous technological transformational phases. In the past, we have leapfrogged from mainframes to PCs and from the informational web to e-commerce driven Internet. At present, digital disruption is radically changing economies, cities, communities and the landscape of business.

Increasingly industry analysts now agree that the way forward to tackle security challenges in digital organizations in Oman is through the network. It is within the network that people, processes and data collide, and technology itself presents solutions to move forward.

Networks with in-built machine learning and complex algorithms can establish a pattern of baseline behavior and can successfully flag deviations without supervision. One of the immediate benefits is the ability to successfully build models of optimal network behavior and proactively react without intervention to anomalies and intrusions within.

Where will this all lead…

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Richard Spangenberg

About the Author: Richard Spangenberg, CEO and Executive Director of Digital Directorship & board member at several companies, is a senior c-suite level executive, innovative strategic marketing leader, and digital/big data/AI specialist familiar with digital transformation, cybersecurity, startups, and social media integration to existing programs.