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As LoT objects become embedded with sensors and gain the ability to communicate, the new information networks promise to create new business models, improve business processes, and reduce costs and risks.

Some of the resources we follow follow:

IoT Business

IoT Magazine is world’s leading online Internet of Things mag for IoT business news and IoT technology trends as IoT Industry’s official trade publication based in London, United Kingdom (UK).

Benjamin Cabé

Program Manager & Evangelist at @EclipseIoT | Toulouse IoT Meetup co-founder | Tweets about #IoT #opensource and random #coolstuff

ConnectedWorld Mag

The first word when it comes to the Internet of Things and M2M. Connected World keeps readers in the know about all things IoT across key verticals


Cisco is a world leader in networking, Internet connectivity, and soon to be Internet of Things technologies. You can learn about interesting IoT case studies as well as what industries are currently using Cisco’s IoT to create a competitive advantage.


Fresh hacks every day — Collaborative project hosting built for hackers by hackers. Hackaday serves up Fresh Hacks Every Day from around the Internet. Our playful posts are the gold-standard in entertainment for engineers and engineering enthusiasts.

Harvard Business Review (HBR)

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) provides extremely interesting and informative IoT information. They have everything from in-depth case studies to the latest industry advancements.


The IBM THINK Blog mixes technical tips and general advice with actionable insights to help you navigate the ever-changing Internet of Things.

Ken Herron

CMO | I make human to machine communications simple.

Nicholas O’Leary

Developer Advocate @IBM and @NodeRED project lead. One of the @BeardyDads

IOT Journal

The IOT Journal is full of helpful IoT tips and information on connected technologies. Everything from expert tips to a weekly news roundup.


Intel is working to power the Internet of Things. The company is already working to advance industries such as healthcare, retail, energy, automotive, transportation, manufacturing, smart buildings, smart homes, and more. Stay up to date on what the major companies are working on.

Matt Turck

Investor at @FirstMarkCap. Organizer of #DataDrivenNYC and #HardwiredNYC, two large monthly events for the tech community in New York and beyond.


Bringing you the latest on the Internet of Things #IoT #InternetofThings contact:


Brian Krebs is one of the best sources for information on computer security. Brian has formerly worked for The Washington Post, but now runs the security blog KrebsOnSecurity. He covers the latest on security, everything from IoT DDoS attacks, hacking and more.


Readwrite covers everything from the latest tech gadgets to autonomous vehicle updates. Their content updates and refreshes regularly with the latest IoT advancements. Readwrite is a great source for all things IoT and tech related.

IoT News

Internet of Business (IoB) is the new analyst on the block. We take a vertical approach to covering how the Internet of Things, robotics, AI, machine learning, sensors, blockchain, analytics, virtual and augmented reality, 5G, and a range of other technologies are transforming connected business and making organisations of every size more efficient, productive, and profitable.



McKinsey finds interesting Internet of Things insights by collecting and analyzing data and trends. They offer actionable insights designed to help IoT professionals advance their organizations.


The Microsoft IoT blog is geared to providing not only product specific information, but also seeks to provide customer and industry specific success stories to enable readers to better understand how IoT can be a reality for them.




IoT Journal


Postscapes helps you navigate the connected world through informative information. The site posts regularly about Do it yourself (DIY) IoT projects as well as may other aspects of the connected world and the IoT.


TechCrunch produces interesting content on all things tech, and a lot of the time on the IoT specifically. From the latest gadgets to interesting industry advancements, TechCrunch has you covered.

TechTarget IoT Agenda

One of the most exciting things about the IoT is the extreme speed at which it is growing. TechTarget’s IoT Agenda help you keep up with the pace through interesting industry news and stories.

The Guardian

Whether you are new to the IoT or an expert in the field, The Guardian will teach you the intricacies and advancements within the Internet of Things industry.

Unified Inbox (UIB)

Chat with your devices and appliances as easy as you message a friend. We invented intelligent IoT messaging (14 patent families and counting!). We bring together messaging, AI, and IoT into a single, integrated API to enable people to simply communicate with all of their smart devices.

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