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Online Video Resources

If you’re not using video yet, you should be?

  1. YouTube
    Where else to learn about video marketing than the premier video marketing channel itself, YouTube? Just as Google Analytics makes the most sense among free analytics programs for tracking your Google search data, YouTube’s blog is the obvious resource for enhancing your YouTube marketing prowess. YouTube’s blog is chock full of news, great examples of exceptional video content and more.
  2. Digitpro
    Tony Zohari shares his expert video marketing strategies at Digitpro, including useful tips for creating professional videos, using video to increase sales and more.
  3. Imagination Media
    Tim Danyo covers video marketing, with some of his advice in the context of content marketing. Which we love, because video’s a valuable part of your content marketing campaign so we’re totally on board with experts who share their tips with a cohesive approach.
  4. Reel SEO
    The go-to experts for SEO-ing your video campaign, Reel SEO is a plethora of resources on taking your videos to the next level, and getting them in front of your audience. Oh, and news, scoring scores (er, music) for your videos and solutions to what might be your biggest problem—what to video about?
  5. James Wedmore
    James hones in marketing on YouTube and general video marketing across the Web. His blog is a goldmine of valuable tips and recommendations for doing the number one thing that will make your videos stand out—creating engagement.
  6. Will Video for Food
    Kevin Nalty is video-obsessed, and we’re totally grateful that he is—because we get to benefit from his tons of tidbits on YouTube, video marketing news, and other cool stuff—like statistics to convince you that you should be boarding the video marketing train.
  7. Josh Rimer – Josh specializes in YouTube marketing, which is, of course, the number one marketing channel for those amazing videos you’re—ahem—going to start producing, like, today. Right?
  8. Video Brewery
    The Video Brewery helps businesses create explainer videos to introduce their products and services. Their blog primarily focuses on tips and advice for creating great explainer videos—which is a great place to start if you’re thinking of diving into the video marketing sea.
  9. Steve Garfield
    Steve blogs about everything from food to technology, but his tech category is packed with valuable insights on video marketing. While his banter focuses on the technical aspects of video creation, Steve’s blog is a great read for those of you who want to learn all the tips, tricks and useful shortcuts of production. Oh, and he shares cool stuff like the YouTube Creator Academy, too.
  10. Ask Mr. Video
    Ask Mr. Video? Sure, why not? For all the ins and outs, including interviews with leading video and technology gurus, Ask Mr. Video is one to visit.
  11. Tim Washer
    Self-dubbed “PowerPoint Satirist,” Tim Washer has plenty to say on the subject of videos. While his blog isn’t exclusively dedicated to video creation or video marketing, we promise you’ll find an abundance of useful resources on the topic—in addition to some fun reads as well.
  12. Monika Rydzewski
    Monika’s site is, naturally, filled with video posts. Actually, most are interviews she’s done with media outlets in which she shares some of her video marketing genius with the world. Our conclusion: One to watch.
  13. BusinessWeek Online Video
    BusinessWeek’s Online Video section is home to a slew of expert articles from a wide variety of contributors. But wait, this one’s a two-for-one: You should also check out BusinessWeek’s Video Marketing section, as well.
    Clearly more than a blog, is an impressive resource of how-to guides, reviews, articles, and of course, videos. was created by the masterminds behind And it’s all about video.
  15. Wistia
    Wistia is a video hosting company for businesses with a jam-packed blog full of examples of the greatest video marketing specimens online, tutorials on video production and managing your video marketing campaigns, as well as company news and updates.
  16. Distilled
    Distilled’s video category doesn’t have a ton of articles, but what’s there is well worth a read—and we’re pretty certain there will be more goodies to come. We’re talking getting video results in Google, video infographics (say what? Yes!) and…The Distilled Guide to Online Video Marketing.
  17. Yes! Media Works
    Yes! Media Works has a blog that’s all about video marketing, appropriately dubbed The Video Marketing Blog. And it’s a worthy one, at that.
  18. One Market Media
    One Market Media’s Marketing with Video and Rich Media Blog covers everything from local videos to Top 10s, statistics and the all-important going viral.
  19. My Web Presenters
    Another blog all about marketing with videos online, My Web Presenter emphasizes mastering the art of storytelling and all the essential need-to-knows about using video to promote your biz, such as web presenters, Vine, how-tos and more.
  20. Somedia Networks
    omedia Networks has an awesome blog dedicated to video marketing, with resources on integrating social, video SEO, best practices and tons of useful stats.
  21. Sociable Video Marketing Blog
    The perfect blend of social and video, Sociable Video Marketing Blog teaches you how to make compelling, share-worthy videos that don’t just entertain, but engage.
  22. Adverblog
    Adverblog is a real standout in this list. What is it? A robust collection of advertisements complete with expert commentary. Useful for you, aspiring video marketer, because you want to study what works and what stinks. Adverblog is a great place to find dozens of examples of companies sailing and failing with the prominent use of videos–advertising.
  23. Unruly Media
    Among the leading experts at getting your videos noticed by your audience, and getting them to buy into your message, Unruly Media also shares an abundance of expertise and real-world examples on the company blog.
  24. Visible Measures
    For real-time, front-line perspectives on social video, Visible Measures is the place to go.
  25.  Viral Blog
    Covering all things viral, including video, Viral Blog is where the cool kids hang. Why? Because they want to know what’s hip and happening in the social world. And you should, too.


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