Digital Directorship Services

Digital Directorship – Services

Digital Directorship provides advice to small to large sized businesses with an array of digital and traditional marketing strategies designed to increase brand visibility, digital presence, generate quality traffic and leads and deliver significant ROI and increased revenues. Our recommendations minimize risk, maximize revenues and increase profitability.

Consulting Services:

Digital Directorship can help optimize Interactive marketing strategies and tactics with a focus on digital channels – specifically mobile and search strategies. Using our analytical skills and online marketing experience, we help world-class clients gain unique insights into their overall performance and help them use this insight to drive better marketing ROI. In addition we will develop, create, train and evangelize new and existing digital strategy offerings throughout your company.

Our unique combination of interactive direct marketing, quantitative analytical skills and proven consulting experience significantly helps clients improve their marketing performance.

Speaking Engagements:

Available for advanced level talks in digital topics including:

  • Personalized Experience
  • Internal Data Strategy
  • Media Automation
  • Data Transparency
  • Use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Strategy
  • Mobile Marketing & Strategy
  • Multichannel Factors
  • Emerging Marketing Trends
  • Social Media, User Acquisition & Retention

Board Membership:

Many boards have concluded that the best way to prepare themselves for the kinds of decisions they will need to make is to have a director with experience in digital as a member of the board.

Please contact Richard Spangenberg concerning opportunities that you may have for our expertise in that area using the form below.

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